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Ensuring organisations navigate transitions smoothly to minimise disruptions and empower teams to embrace and adapt to new processes and technologies effectively.

Deliver positive adoption & ROI

Generation-e delivers tailored change solutions to help you achieve your business goals through technology.

Mitigate risk, ensure success

Generation-e readies organisations for new applications like Microsoft 365 or Teams with PROSCI-certified change managers.

Influence perspectives and attitudes

Generation-e reshapes perceptions of Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams, accelerating their value through effective change communication.

Drive real & lasting change

Generation-e inspires and sustains new ways of working, and recognises and rewards successful adoption with ongoing change management that strengthens the ability to adopt new practices.


We evaluate your current setup, identify business-aligned opportunities through use case narratives, and provide a discussion catalyst for concepts and recommendations.

Change Communication

Inadequate communication and timing can negatively impact the end-user experience. We tailor communications to match your culture and offer messaging and communication strategies to boost user adoption, regardless of your current plan.

Our training methods are diverse, acknowledging that one size does not fit all. Our goal is not just to deliver training, but to empower individuals to optimise their efficiency with the tools provided, leaving them confident and future-ready.

Organisational Transformation

Collaborate with us to transformations your structure, culture, and operations, enabling excellence in dynamic business landscapes.


Microsoft VIVA

1 Microsoft Viva – Empower organisations to continuously improve workforce engagement and performance

2 Training - We provide tailored training to suit individuals' skills, acknowledging that one size doesn't fit all. Our goal is to empower people to use their tools effectively, ensuring they feel confident and prepared for the future

3 Transform - Generation-e redefines the way your people perceive Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams, driving accelerated value through effective change communication.

4  Risk Mitigation -  Generation-e mitigates risk and ensures outstanding outcomes by thoroughly preparing organisations to adopt new applications like Microsoft 365 and Teams. Our seasoned, PROSCI-certified change managers guide the way.

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