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SelectRooms offers pre-engineered hybrid meeting solutions for spaces across Australia and New Zealand.

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SelectRooms™ provide a consistent user experience across spaces of all sizes that can be delivered with consistent quality and speed.


Each SelectRooms package comprises of meeting room hardware (such as displays, cameras, microphones, speakers, processors), essential installation components, a Microsoft Teams Room Pro licence, and professional installation and configuration services.


Organisations strive to provide excellent meeting experiences, whether their teams are in meeting rooms or working remotely. Select Rooms facilitates this with one-click meeting access, effortless content sharing, and exceptional audio and video quality.


The growing shift toward hybrid work is reshaping organisations, impacting their competitiveness and ability to support customers and employees. The challenges in accommodating dynamic in-person and remote participation in legacy meeting spaces are evident, resulting in lower engagement and adverse business outcomes during the recent return to office spaces.

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SelectRooms streamlines meeting space setup and support for organisations seeking exceptional meeting experiences, whether in-person or remote. Kits include all hardware, installation, licensing, and support, while Generation-e offers remote monitoring to keep teams connected

Improved Collaboration

Select Rooms provides a collaborative workspace that enables team members to work together in real time. It offers a range of communication and collaboration tools, such as video conferencing and screen sharing.

Integration with other Microsoft services
Select Rooms can be easily integrated with other Microsoft services, such as SharePoint, OneDrive, and Office 365, providing a seamless workflow and a more efficient way of working.

Teams Rooms help to increase productivity by streamlining communication and collaboration within the organization. Team members can easily communicate with each other, share ideas, and seamlessly work on projects.

Cost Effective

Select Rooms are a cost-effective solution for organizations, as they can save money on travel costs and expensive hardware. With Teams Rooms, team members can collaborate and communicate from anywhere, without the need for expensive equipment.

Enhanced meeting experience

Select Rooms offer a high-quality meeting experience with high-definition video and audio, making it easier for participants to engage in meetings without distractions.


What room sizes are supported?
  • Focus room/Collaboration space for up to 5 people.  (3.5m x 3.5m)  
  • Small room for up to 7 people.  (4.5m x 4.5m)  
  • Midsized room for up to 12 people.  (4.5m x 6m)   
  • Ideation Spaces for up to 10 people (standing) 
  • Large Spaces for up to 16 people. (4.5m x 9m)  
What if I need guidance on what solutions are best?

Generation-e can facilitate a workshop to help you better understand which technologies are available and on the appropriate solutions for your physical spaces.  We can also cover your Microsoft Teams calling needs in these engagements.

How do I know what to order?

Generation-e provides sizing guides to help you make sure you pick the best option.  We can also assist you with any questions or clarifications you may have. 

What if I have rooms that fit the guidelines for SelectRooms™?

No problem, Generation-e can assist using a combination of SelectRooms and custom solutions to suit those specific needs.

Can I add more rooms later?


What if I don’t know all the details of my meeting rooms?

Generation-e can conduct an audit of your existing meeting rooms.  The audit will include measurements, determine wall reinforcing requirements, highlight power and data needs and identify potential audio issues.  From here you can then decide the best configuration for each space.

What if we need technical guidance?

Whether you need some guidance, or just want someone there to help things along we are there to assist. Options include installation, configuration of your Microsoft environment, as well as training and adoption. 

How do we make sure the project is a success?

Help your teams get the most out of your meeting room solutions and increase adoption with a comprehensive training program tailored to your needs.  Train an internal trainer or several champions, or train all your staff.  It can include simple-to-follow guides that are customised and branded for your organisation.

What is the company’s mission? Be the leading regional provider of Microsoft centric communication, collaboration and productivity solutions in mid-market, enterprise & government.
What are the company’s products and services? We offer a comprehensive range of technology services to empower your organization. We cover everything from creating connected workplaces that enhance collaboration to providing cutting-edge security solutions. Our services span audio-visual enhancements, smart building implementations, and expert consulting for strategic alignment. We excel in network infrastructure, cloud voice exchanges, and device offerings, all supported by efficient project management and 24/7 managed support. With a focus on change management and seamless Teams Voice integration, we ensure your business thrives in the digital age. 
How do I contact customer support? Contact us via our support portal and a customer service representative will connect with you shortly.
How does Generation-e leverage its relationships with technology leaders to benefit customers? Generation-e places a strong emphasis on harnessing the power of its relationships within the technology ecosystem. We are at the heart of a dynamic network of technology leaders collaborating to safeguard our customers' investments, provide flexibility, and craft future-ready solutions. By concentrating on strategic vendors and attaining the highest competencies they offer, we ensure that our customers reap the rewards. This approach allows us to expertly broker and deliver solutions while swiftly addressing any technology-related challenges that may surface, ultimately enhancing our customers' experience and outcomes.

“We saved millions of dollars and still had a premium finish. In reality, the saving was not as significant compared to how nice the new equipment was, the rooms look brilliant, the devices were easy to setup for our users. Overall, we could not be happier with our approach and outcome.”

Carlo De-FazioTechnology Officer at Grant Thornton Australia


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