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Deploying technology for Business and People


Generation-e provides end-to-end project deployment services, ensuring meticulous planning, proactive adjustment, and seamless communication across all elements of each unique project, regardless of its challenges or issues.

We manage all projects according to global best practices. We understand your timeframes and requirements, so we can precisely organise our team, your team, and the appropriate vendors to ensure that everything happens smoothly with minimal effort on your part. This means you can leave the IT to us and focus on your core business. As a part of this service, we provide:

  • Full project planning, including detailed design creation and IT strategy development
  • Project management services utilising best practice, tested methodologies
  • Project deployment services
  • 01 Experience
  • 02 Experts
  • 03 Engage


We follow global best practices to manage projects, aligning with your timelines efficiently and seamlessly coordinating our team, your team, and vendors. Generation-e ensures you can rely on us to handle IT, allowing you to concentrate on uninterrupted business operations.


Choose Generation-e for expert service, on-time, on-budget delivery, and unwavering standards. Our deep vendor tech expertise, meticulous attention to detail, and highly qualified engineers assure your confidence in us.


Furthermore, Generation-e is a full-service provider capable of overseeing your entire project, from consultation to deployment, while offering nationwide ongoing support.

“We saved millions of dollars and still had a premium finish. In reality, the saving was not as significant compared to how nice the new equipment was, the rooms look brilliant, the devices were easy to setup for our users. Overall, we could not be happier with our approach and outcome.”

Carlo De-FazioTechnology Officer at Grant Thornton Australia


Why Generation-e?

We are committed to expertise, with our team dedicating one week in eight to industry-leading training and leveraging top-tier resources such as our Network Operations Centre and Generation-e Monitoring Service (GEMS)

Customers choose Generation-e with confidence, knowing they'll work with experts committed to delivering on time and within budget. Our industry knowledge and meticulous attention to detail guarantee satisfaction, while ongoing training keeps our engineers at the forefront. We offer comprehensive services from consulting to deployment and nationwide support.

Talk to us about cost-effective solutions to empower your hybrid environment.

  1. Full project planning including detailed design creation and IT strategy development
  2. Project management services utilising best practice, tested methodologies
  3. Project deployment services