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Can smart building tech enhance comfort, productivity, and cost-efficiency for both organisations and occupants? Incorporating smart building technology enhances operational efficiency, cuts costs, and fosters a more comfortable, sustainable, and productive work environment, benefiting both the organisation and its occupants. At Generation-e, we offer solutions to harness this data and drive greater efficiencies.
What Microsoft solutions do you support? At Generation-e, we know that making a genuine impact goes beyond the cloud. We utilise our wealth of experience and expertise to provide comprehensive end-to-end solutions covering data, AI, business applications, modern work, security, infrastructure, and adoption and change. Reach out to us today to discover the solution that perfectly suits your requirements.
How can you help with implementing Microsoft Teams calling for our organisation?

Generation-e offers expert guidance for seamless Teams Calling implementation, including assessing communication needs, customised solution design, technical setup, integration, training, and ongoing support to ensure a smooth transition and maximise customer benefits.

How do I elevate collaboration in my meeting spaces?

To elevate collaboration, consider upgrading your meetings, not your office. By embracing modern communication and collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams, you can empower your team to work seamlessly from anywhere. Teams offers features like video conferencing, file sharing, and chat, facilitating real-time interaction and document collaboration. This enables your team to connect, brainstorm, and innovate without needing costly physical office upgrades. With the right technology, you can achieve heightened collaboration and productivity while reducing expenses associated with office enhancements.

What audio-visual solutions and support can you provide for our business or projects?

At Generation-e, we offer comprehensive audio-visual solutions to enhance your business or project needs. Our 'Select Rooms' packages simplify meeting space setup, ensuring exceptional experiences for both in-person and remote participants. These kits encompass all necessary hardware, expert installation, licensing, and ongoing support, guaranteeing that your meetings run smoothly. In addition, we provide remote monitoring services to keep your teams seamlessly connected, ensuring your audio-visual needs are met with excellence.

How do change management services help organisations adapt to new technologies or processes?

Our change management consulting services help organisations adapt to new technologies and processes by focusing on the human side of change. We facilitate a smooth transition, reduce disruptions, and ensure that employees are engaged and capable of embracing the changes, ultimately leading to successful implementation and organisational growth.

How do consulting services help my organisation navigate complex technology decisions and achieve success? Generation-e's IT consulting services bring in expert guidance to help your organisation navigate the complexities of advanced technologies, mitigating risks and ensuring success. By understanding your specific goals, we create a tailored roadmap for your success, covering areas like solution deployment, provisioning, strategic planning, audits, project reviews, and risk management. Our specialists act as mentors, ensuring you make well-informed decisions for your infrastructure and environment.