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Elevate your meetings with effortless, seamless connections and a collaborative experience.

What defines a collaboration space?


It should embody flexibility and inspiration through adaptable rooms, seamless high-quality audio and visual systems that enhance work-life balance. 

Microsoft Teams
At Generation-e, we stand as a distinctive specialist in space solutions. Our proficiency harnesses the capabilities of Microsoft Teams to elevate the user experience.

Modern video conferencing and collaboration spaces, harnessing the strength of Microsoft's cloud to facilitate user-friendly and exceptional experiences.

Optimising Space

The challenge of optimising space usage has become increasingly complex and critical due to the rise of mobility, remote work, and hybrid work arrangements.


Connected workspaces foster seamless collaboration and productivity by integrating technology and communication channels.

Connected Workplace Tailored Solutions

  • Systems control and management
  • Sound reinforcement & acoustic management
  • Hearing aid loops
  • Classrooms, training centres & auditoriums
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Collaboration spaces
  • Video Walls & Displays
  • Microsoft Teams rooms
  • Digital signage
  • Room booking
  • Wayfinding
  • Room automation
  • Video conferencing
  • Integration to legacy video conferencing



  • Our wayfinding service enhances office navigation, simplifying movement and improving overall workplace efficiency.
  • Wayfinding technology leverages data and insights to simplify office experiences, reduce costs, and improve efficiencies. Digital maps, interactive displays, and mobile apps help employees navigate seamlessly, boost productivity, and create a positive workplace environment.
  • Well-designed wayfinding systems can increase employee productivity by up to 5% and 70% of employees say that wayfinding is important to their job satisfaction.

“We saved millions of dollars and still had a premium finish. In reality, the saving was not as significant compared to how nice the new equipment was, the rooms look brilliant, the devices were easy to setup for our users. Overall, we could not be happier with our approach and outcome.”

Carlo De-FazioTechnology Officer at Grant Thornton Australia

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